The trials and tribulations of a kindle author


Having bitten the bullet and sent off The Devil’s Unborn to various agents, I am (as expected) receiving some rejection slips. I sent the novel to 12 agents about 3 weeks ago, and so far have received back 4 rejections.

I did receive this from Darley Anderson, however. A rejection, yes, but with an interesting handwritten addition.


Taking Stock

My promotions on Kindle Select for Headless and The Devil’s Unborn have not been successful. The strategy I adopt may have worked for more mainstream works but my books, in particular Headless, are not easily categorisable. I have no doubt that an audience could be found for it, but with my limited knowledge of the market I am unable.

I do not feel discouraged however. This has been a tremendous learning curve for me.

Hitler Chic

Achtung baby

Achtung baby

My novel Headless is set 50 years in the future. It begins

      “I never thought I would live to see the Hitler tash come back into fashion.”

The voice of Solomon Hobbes hoarsely piped from the back seat of the limo and caused me to survey the scene. Encircling us was a large crowd sporting an odd mixture of swastikas and peace symbols, dreadlocks and duster moustaches, kaftans and jackboots.

“Hitler chic is all the rage these days.” I replied.

Above the limo I was driving, a gargantuan 3D holographic image of Christ on his cross, sans loincloth, hung in mid-air, sporting a truly prodigious erection (although lacking any sign of testicular growth, but this was intended for children after all, and perhaps a satirical comment on the nature of modern faith, if the creator was to be believed). This lewd Messiah was directly above us, lending the most unflattering of views from the vehicle’s sunroof.

In the back seat, next to Solomon, was one other: a well dressed man of similar age to whom he bore a familial resemblance. This was Newman. “Ah, but we were all young once, Solomon.”  He said, looking up from his paper, The Red Indian. His gaze fixed upon No Future (London’s premier dealer in retro records and assorted antiquated music) from which the overhead 3D crucifixion emanated. The mob was forcing its way into this tiny shop armed with that modern pre-requisite of youth culture, the baseball bat. Some had taken advantage of the melee, and had smashed their way into adjacent stores, looting at will. A few unfortunates lay on the ground motionless, having obviously gotten on the wrong end of a fist (or worse) from the puke-and-faeces-mingled blood that streamed the pavement slabs. Whether these were alive or dead, no one seemed to notice or care, except that their presence was a considerable inconvenience to the others.

“Never like this, sir. Not in my day.” Solomon said, his rasping voice full of melancholy. It was a voice which sounded as though it came from beyond the grave. It had.

“That’s what they’ve always said.” Replied Newman, nonchalantly.

A group of Public Consent Officers stood half watching, largely talking and joking among themselves. Some had ensconced themselves behind the garish goggles of their standard-issue virtual reality headsets, and were “otherwise disposed” in some on-line encounter, most likely of a sexual nature. Some other more diligent Public Consent Officers had dutifully complied with legal requirements and erected some Beware Fallen Friends barriers around a few of the shoppers who had dropped away from the main body of the skirmish. On the other side of the road a handful of masturbation rights activists were angrily demonstrating. These supporters of the celebrated shame abolitionist Spartacus Wangford were perhaps drawn here by the prospect of a feature on the evening news, or more likely, attracted to the totemic phallus engorged above.

This was written over a year ago. When I originally posted it to, while most people got it, I did get some feedback that it was an “outrageous fantasy”. Yet in the middle of last year, the riots looting took place in London, while the police stood by watching, much like in my novel.

Now it seems that Hitler is becoming fashionable again, something which I considered to be an inevitability for a while. Here is Thailand is all the rage. I do wonder if it will take 50 years to get to the place in my novel.


Taking stock

My latest promotion has not been successful despite the high hopes I had. I have, however, learnt a great deal. I am not sure if my work is mainstream enough for free promotions and will probably not go down the Amazon exclusivity route with my next novel..

Mohun, an eighteenth century rake

I had intended to follow up TDU with a similar horror book, but I just cannot get started on it. Instead I spent the morning listed some suitable agents to send it to. Also I started to write a new novel concerning the exploits of Charles Mohun. I had written about 2,500 words so far today.

Promotion ends

Despite all my work in publicizing it, the downloads of The Devil’s Unborn over 2 days were just slightly over 250, less actually than those who downloaded it for one day when it was last up. No doubt that original run detracted from my results this time. It would have been better, in retrospect, to have organised my big push better from the start. But i am very much learning as I go.

As I said, this is very much an experiment, so I am not too worried. It will be interesting to see if this promo actually generates any sales or indeed, any reviews.

All work

Spent the morning rewriting Headless prior to its free promo next week. I’ve decided to go ahead with this despite the downloads of The Devil’s Unborn so far being disappointing.

I had intended to do more work on the follow-up to TDU, but was feeling too exhausted.


Now it is almost midday in UK. has my novel for free, but .com has Pricing information not available. This is causing me no small amount of anxiety, as I want to make the most out of this window, and if there is a foul up I want it to be me, not Amazon. I emailed Amazon about an hour back, but no reply.




The Devil’s Unborn begins its FREE 2 day run in a few hours. I am very excited about this and am interested to see how it does. Last night, I got back quite late but still spent some time proof reading the text. It is surprising how much I had missed in my previous sweeps. I was worried with the 12 hour window that Amazon gives itself, that it might not go live by 9am UK time, when it is due to begin, but fortunately it seems that Amazon have accepted the changes by now 7 am UK.

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